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20 July, 2007, 2:23 pm
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Today has been an exceptionally weird day. It started off normal enough, making coffee before the manfriend toddled off to work, and I settled down to do University reading, then thought I’d check my emails first. Then something large and dark caught my eye, moving down the garden path. Now, since my camera has evaporated into thin air, I have decided to provide pictorial evidence of the aforementioned object, via the wonder of MSPaint:


That’s right, a bloody great bird. Absolutely ENORMOUS I mean. It was about the length of my entire arm. I sat there for a bit wondering what the hell it was, and whether it was going to somehow break into my house and eat either me or some grapefruit or whatever giant birds eat. It didn’t however try to do anything, just cowered against the drain for a bit then seemed to limp over to our garden table and hid under it. After about ten minutes of dazed ponderings on what to do, I phoned the RSPCA and explained that there seemed to be a ginormous fluffy pterodactyl in my garden and could they please do something about it. They arrived, clearly not believing my claims over its size, and had to put away their cat-sized cage in favour of one more suitable for an Alsation. So soon, my friend the mangled Pterodactyl (that turned out to be a full-grown raven) was taken away to have it’s leg fixed, and to be freed somewhere other than my garden. And yes, that is a true to life representation of the weather here today and for the past two months. Can I have some summer please?

In knitting news, since Summer seems to have gotten lost, I have been knitting a mohair, top-down raglan jumper. Hobbycraft were selling the lovely Sublime Kid Mohair for only £1.49 a ball. Bargain! So I snapped up enough for a jumper and away I went. I’m about halfway down the body now, as illustrated in yet more FABULOUS artwork:


Yeah I know. Annoyingly, I must have the longest body in the world. My friend tried the jumper on and it was only just short of the correct length. I followed suit, and it just covered my bust. Ah well, back to the stocking stitch grind…


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Excellent MSPaint job! That’s one scary looking raven. (They’re actually one of my favorite birds, but I still wouldn’t fancy meeting an angry one close up in my back garden.) Thanks for commenting on knit wrong: it’s a huge relief to find out that I’m not the only person mixing up Cixous and stocking stitch!

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