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Cat School.
9 October, 2007, 3:18 pm
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My cat needs an education. Cat dearest, when you see a bird on the extension roof, you must leap up there and try to seize it in your tiny little teeth, not look at me dolefully and mew at the starlings. Is cat proof of nurture versus nature? Or just really sodding thick?

Anyway, I spoke too soon on IK: by sitting on my arse thinking ‘Yeah, I’d really rather like to knit the minimalist cardigan’ I ordered a subscription when everywhere in the world had sold out. So, RIP Minimalist Cardigan, you shall never be knit.

In further woes! The Men’s Cashmere Scarf rolls like a git. I saw the warnings, I should have guessed that using a DK weight would result in a Cashmere tube. But no, I’m stubborn. And once I realised, I felt guilty because Nich really liked the pattern and had never shown the slightest bit of interest in knitting before. So, froggedy frog, until I use the wool to make a hat for him.

To cheer myself up, I dragged Nich to Leamington Spa to poke around a few shops, and ended up with a bundle of charity shop ex-Booker shortlisted books for light reading (when I can’t do Kant and am done with Donne), a Tea House and some Noro Kureyon to make myself a Noro Striped Scarf. Coming down with a cold the next da was all the excuse I needed to spend all day along with my scarf the next day and it’s grown apace:

It’s lovely, thick and warm, which will be perfect for PRAGUE (24 days) and a weekend trip to see a friend in Berlin in deep midwinter. Note also, above, the curling, but beautifully-hued scarf. Awaiting execution. An amazing thing happened when I was knitting the scarf, akin to what also happened to Lupinbunny: Nich came into the bedroom where I nestled with lemsip, a book and knitting, to start fondling it and exclaimed “Wow, that’s amazing, can I have one?” Never one to turn down such an eager request, and happy he had moved from wanting ‘black normal stitch’ to something that wouldn’t drive me bonkers. So, I dutifully toddled to the computer to order enough Silk Garden for a scarf for him, and then decided to also get some Malabrigo Worsted for Briar Rose, Silver Thaw for a Danica and some KnitPicks interchangeable needles. Since Nich ‘lost’ (he claims) my entire set of needles in their lovingly handmade needle roll.

Still waiting by the postbox. Come on postal strike!


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