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Confession Time
29 October, 2007, 9:09 am
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I am a rubbish knitter, that you can surmise. But I am also a naughty knitter.For instance, until this week I’d never blocked a finished object. Granted, part of this is due to my being a dilettante knitter and rarely finishing items. Part of the reason I rarely finish things is no doubt due to Exhibit B on the naughty knitter stand: I’ve never swatched for anything. Ever. I’ve never even thought about gauge, just knitted with the recommended needles and hoped for the best. Now for Exhibit C, of which their is photographic evidence of my attempts to remedy.

This, was my first attempt at a centre pull ball. I’d knitted purely from balls before, but decided in my attempts to be a proper knitter, I should give it a go. WRONG.

For several rows, it was fine, I saw the benefits of spending ten minutes winding wool around a deodorant can. Then suddenly it began to regurgitate spaghetti-esque clumps. Great. I might try and figure out what went wrong once I’ve untangled this mess.  And yes, I have indeed stabbed the scarf with it’s own needles in rage.

One good thing has come of this though: on witnessing my frustration and teeth-grinding, the boyfriend looked solemnly at the sorry mess and declared “We need to get you a ball-winder”

But let’s put that behind us. A parcel arrived for me today:

Oh yes, a whole year’s worth of IK Knits. That calmed and soothed my agitated soul. And the sock yarn and needles? They’re my holiday project. Small, but interesting and easily transportable around the sights of Prague. Bliss.


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I too have had little success with centre pull balls. I tried, honest I did, but each time I bravely grope about for that centre thread, it knits fine for a few rows and then spits out a clump of knottiness which is just unfair. For me at least, the nicely behaved, tame and polite centre pull ball which just sits there happily feeding me yarn remains a myth. 😦

Well done on the shrug BTW.

Comment by JulieS

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