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11 November, 2007, 2:51 pm
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I have exhausted all other possible procrastination methods: tea-based experimentation, fiddling with boyfriend’s office chair and falling out of it several times,  exploring citation machines on the internet, even WRITING some of this essay, but the one thing I have not done is knit. Because knitting is one step over acceptable procrastination levels and one step away from downright defeat.

Instead, I shall tell tales of Prague, littered with pretty pictures the boyfriend took.

Obneci Dum, an alarmingly ostentatious Art Deco building now housing teahouses, restaurants and shops selling handbags worth three times our spending money for the week. A little alarmed by this, we took refuge in the fabulous UPM, admiring amongst many other things, a display of wedding dress through the ages, cabinets full of  gorgeous embroidered samplers by adults and children and hundreds of books from the 14th Century to the Present. Well worth a visit, despite not allowing photography. The Trade Fair Palace was also fantastic if you’re into Modern Art, which luckily, we were.

Cathedral in the Castle Grounds.

Inspired by AllTangledUp’s post, I also went on the hunt for wool. Sadly, I didn’t think much of what I did see, (Textilni Galanteri was owned by a smoker, who had an ashtray on the counter, thus all the stock stank: not ideal) but the fabrics seemed gorgeous in Mar Len, and such a range! If the boyfriend hadn’t been so concerned about the weight of our bag, I might have been permitted to buy some. As ti was, I left empty-handed – if you do go hunting in Prague remember these terms though: Vlna for Wool, Akryl for Acrylic (that one was easy), Bavlna for Cotton, which the Czechs seem particularly keen on and Hebdavny for silk (Mar Len had a cabinet full of gorgeous silk: if only I’d thought of a project to use it in).

Cathedral Interior.

Oh well, back to the essay. But not before showing you a rather odd window display advertising printing services we spotted



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