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Knit Stalked
14 November, 2007, 8:28 am
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Last night, I was sitting in the lobby of the Arts building, knitting in the hour before work when I suddenly realised someone was stood in front of me, watching. One of the senior professors of our department looked down smiling: “What are you making?” he asked. I explained it was a top down bolero, at which point he explained he’d been watching me knit for a few months and that it comforted him to see it because “it reminded him of his mother”. What could I reply but “Oh… that’s… nice” when what I really wanted to say was “how sodding Freudian, you tweed-clad, handkerchief-toting oddball”. He smiled, then added before turning away “it’s really trendy now, isn’t it?”, “Um, yes”. Let’s hope my bereftness of eloquence in this conversation doesn’t translate into my essays.

Also, this week I’ve learnt a very important lesson: critical theory and knitting don’t mix. It might help to look down at my knitting occasionally in the library whilst knitting a lace pattern, however simple. If I had, I’d hopefully have noticed two things: a) that I’d completely skewed the feather and fan pattern of my Drunken Bolero and b) that it could only fit me if I wrapped it around me twice and used some gaffa tape as a fetching belt.

Poor bolero. It has been turned into this:

And will be reincarnated when I am not reading for my Literary Cultural Theory class.

Another happening this week has necessitated thinking about quick projects that will put my Drops jacket on hold: my aunt in Australia had a new baby, Leo, weighing in at 8lbs (is that big for a baby? I was only 5lbs) I’m thinking of knitting this for the new arrival and this for the older brother, to hopefully make him feel appreciated (he’s only 14 months old) – I’m being helped mightily in fibre choice by the Australian Knitters group on ravely – I haven’t a clue what yarns would be suitable for Australian weather.


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8lb is about average for a baby – at 5lb, you were a slip of a thing! Btw, your not the only one who’s has that issue with the cloud bolero. When the directions say to err on the small side, they really really mean it. I’ve just given mine to my sister – she’s two dress sizes bigger than me and it fits her just fine.

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