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A Whirlwind of Destruction and Creation
20 November, 2007, 9:16 am
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This Sunday, I experienced an odd caffeine-free surge of energy and managed to complete several projects that had been brewing in my head for a while. The only catch was that for everything I created, I seemed to wreck something else in the house, purely accidentally.

Exhibition 1.

I found Amy Butler craft paper(!) in Hobbycraft on Friday, so decided to use it to decorate two cheap bedside cabinets we’d snagged in the warehouse at the bottom of the road. They went from this:

(See also the Ikea storage thing I constructed) To this:

Second coat needed, but I’m quite happy with the result. In order to get the space needed for painting,  I collapsed the ironing board and stuck the iron on top of a pile of books. Whilst painting, I kept noticing a loud crack coming from the general direction of the iron every now and then. After about half an hour of cracks, I decided to investigate, only to discover the boyfriend hadn’t put the stopper in the iron, and the water inside it had poured into the Freeview box and that the cracking sound I’d heard was probably signalling something quite dangerous. Oops. No TV for us anymore.

Exhibition 2.

Continuing with the Amy Butler paper,  I designed and completed ALL of our Christmas cards, wrote them out and stuck them in stamped-addressed envelopes:

The tree shapes underneath are a work in progress, will have red pots sewn onto them, then be used as decoration. And what havoc did I wreak this time? the sequin packed exploded everywhere on opening. The laptop is full of them, and the space bar requires a hefty whack to work.

And finally…

Exhibition 3.

After all that effort, I decided to some of my hair a really obnoxious colour before settling down with a glass of wine:

I waited to see what went wrong. Everything seemed fine. I settled down with Zadie Smith and my wine, then went to bed, with an eerie sense that something MUST go wrong. It did. In the morning, I entered the bathroom to what looked like an alien environment. The leftover bleach in the bin had somehow exploded with such force that the walls, floor and ceiling were splattered with blue foam.

I think I’ll go back to knitting. It’s less eventful. Maybe Elijah will make an appearance tomorrow.


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