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I have a FO!
25 November, 2007, 4:43 pm
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But not one you’ll be interested in, just an essay on Keats. It is, however, what has kept me from knitting much, this last week. Now that it’s printed ready to be handed in tomorrow, I can get back to the good stuff. The Drops jacket that everyone under the sun is making is just needing arms, and will then be my first major seaming project. Scary. Elijah stalled when I realised I couldn’t pick up stitches on his head without a crochet hook that required a trip to Hobbycraft (they don’t sell crochet hooks in the library), but he’ll be back on track soon.

I wasn’t planning any gift knitting, since I knew with deadlines aplenty in early December and January, I’d end up stressed whilst making them, then quietly enraged when the recipient didn’t think much of the FO. But then, when my boyfriend was on the phone to his mother (who, incidentally had earlier in the conversation mocked me for knitting) she decided she’d like a scarf for Christmas, and that I could also make two for her to give to her sisters as gifts. To calm myself after these orders, I decided to look at chunky yarns I could knit up fas, with pretty colours to distract me from the fact that I HATEHATEHATE knitting scarves. So, I’ve ordered three different shades of Manos from here, and have decided to make My So-Called Scarf. Three times. At least the pattern looks somewhat interesting. Wish me luck.


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My So-Called Scarf does go by pretty quickly thanks to the large needles and the pattern is very easy to memorize. Good luck!

Comment by Katharine

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