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Snowed Under
2 December, 2007, 10:00 pm
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Not in the weather sense. No such luck. It’s the last week of term as of tomorrow and I’m mired in a critical theory essay. After two days of solid reading, writing and proof-reading I cracked, made dinner and cracked open a bottle of wine before getting down to some serious knitting. I did a few rows on poor forgotten Ester, then finished Elijah’s body. There’s something enjoyable about playing around with a soft toy after hours of researching Marxism and literary theory, until my boyfriend tutted and said “You make soft toys for babies then immediately introduce them to alcoholism”.

Once he has legs he can get wine without needing the salt cellar for a stepladder.

I also finished the boyf’s luxurious cashmere hat this weekend in my ‘can’t write, must drink and knit’ phase, and he loved it. It’s hard knitting for such a fussy git. He once accidentally bought a red t-shirt (he’s colourblind and thought it was brown) and won’t even wear it under a round-neck jumper.

Note the scarf of doom I knitted for him previously. He loves it, but his stubble is ripping the wool to shreds. It’s surrounded by a halo of fuzz on the side he wears closest to his chin. Any suggestions on a tougher wearing yarn that can resist five o’clock shadow?

Roll on Friday and two whole days of relaxing before I start the holiday job.


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My be-bearded mate has a scarf that he knit out of Chamonix (by Jaeger, discontinued but similar to Berroco Pleasure which is…also discontinued…), a cabled yarn made of angora, nylon, wool, etc. Anything cabled will hold up to abrasion and the fibers are soft enough for the dudes, which I find are extraordinarily sensitive.

Also–I find critical theory much easier with a few drinks in me =)

Comment by skrillaknits

Suggest steel wool. Will not fall prey to coarse beardy hair but will enable be-stubbled one to sharpen aforementioned hair and hire himself out as ninja!
(Extra money got to be good close to Christmas right?)

Comment by trashalou

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