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12 December, 2007, 4:24 pm
Filed under: Drops A-Line Jacket

The Drops jacket turns out to be huge on me, everywhere except the bust. the A-line bottom is so big, it looks pleated. I’m not quite sure why, either my gauge was way, way off or I need to have a look at sizing. I had a look at Ysolda’s sizing guide and she recommended using the high bust measurement, which would put me in the small category, rather than the full bust measurement, which would put me in 1X(!) then to add short row shaping. I think before I start my next jumper I’ll be doing lots of maths.

In lieu of pictures (boyfriend’s out Xmas shopping and I was categorically told I wasn’t allowed to come), here’s 7 Odd Things About me:

1. I’m the eldest of 9 children; 7 girls and two boys. The youngest is 3, and it wories me that when she’s my age I’ll be 39. I also have to count nearly everytime someone asks how many siblings I have, and mostly just end up saying ‘lots’.

2. I have bizarre, and very severe allergies. I had an anaphylactic shock when I went near a horse in Indonesia, my skin blistered when I knelt on a carpet that had Shake & Vac on, and had to be admitted to hospital for dehydration after eating Camembert cheese meant I couldn’t keep anything, including drinks, down for 4 days.

3. I lived in Indonesia on and off for two years between the ages of 5-7, and loved it. There were grasshoppers and geckos everywhere and the beach was five minutes away. We ere at the zoo one day, and a tourist jumped into the Komodo Dragon pit to ‘get a closer picture’ and was lucky to escape when the keepers shot the animal with tranquillisers.

4. I was chosen to be in a Welsh scheme called “Writer’s Squad”, which consisted of about 20 primary school children from around Wales being taught creative writing tips by children’s authors. I absolutely hated it, and was featured in a programme on ‘gifted’ children, crying and saying I just wanted to read books in my room, not write them. Even today, I still skeptical and scared of creative writing courses.

5. I’m 5″9′ but have really short legs – I have to wear 30″ jeans and clothes from the Tall section. Weird.

6. When I was two I had an operation on my nose to remove a cyst that was growing inside the cartilage, which involved breaking my nose during surgery. I had to stay in Great Ormond Street until I had recovered, and the girl in the bed next to me told her mum I had black eyes because my parents had beaten me up.

7. On GCSE results day there was a camera crew outside our school, who did the usual thing of asking the teachers which students were likely to get good results, then filming them as they opened their results. They filmed me, and being a cynical, smart-ass teenager, I made a big thing of pretending I’d failed abysmally and wailing on my friend’s shoulder. the joke was on me though, because I then went to work, unaware that they actually used that footage and my mum had left several voicemails screaming “What the HELL did you do for the last two years, you ignoramus?”.


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See how easy to upset a mother? Emotional creatures through and through!

As for my feet? They are a size 9-10 depending on brand. TG I am not a very good dressing up girly girl or it would be drag queen shops for me to get the shoes I needed!

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