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FO: Uninspiring Scarf
16 December, 2007, 9:59 pm
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2 Skeins of Manos, in 1×1 Rib, for boyfriends’ mother as a Christmas present. Rather uninspiring, pattern-wise, but I’ve had a bout of flu, followed by food poisoning in the past two weeks, so this was the perfect accompaniment to the hours of DVD watching that ensued.

I absolutely love the colours and how the yarn felt. I’m usually skeptical of variegated yarns, but this is absolutely beautiful.

I finished off the last of the Christmas shopping yesterday, which resulted in bouts of rage and euphoria:

RAGE: cashier in Wilko refusing to sell me children’s safety scissors because I couldn’t prove I was over 16. If this had been due to strict regulations I could understand, but a) I’ve bought razors there before with no problem and b) the twat was smirking. I fumed.

EUPHORIA: Finding a sewing machine for £50 reduced from £180 because the box was damaged. Stay tuned for initial (inevitably disastrous) experimentations.


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Don’t be crazy! That scarf is anything but uninspiring! Simplicity is the best way to show off that yarn- it’s gorgeous.

Comment by Cupcake

Your scarf is fabulous.

Do ask if I can help with the sewing machine. I’m better with a machine than knitting needles!

Comment by Christina

I love that scarf and your description of the “twat”! Good luck with the sewing machine. Disasters won’t neccessarily ensue. (I don’t think it’s that hard. You have to have stick-to-it-ness and be willing to practice. You’re a knitter, you have those things in abundance!!!)

Comment by Kris

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