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Un Cadeau pour moi.
11 January, 2008, 1:23 pm
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Look what came through the post today, all the way from America! My Marie Antionette swap package from ssailorss , who has spoilt me terribly. Ironically, I was admiring her Sun Ray Shawl yesterday, especially the unusual colour of the yarn used. What do you know? Now I have my own skein to play with.

I’ve also been on quite a variegated kick at the moment, so this gorgeously soft merino will be absolutely perfect for a My So-Called Scarf.

Mmm, Lush bath bombs: the kind of thing I always look at when I go to get my shampoo, but always think is a bit decadent when you’re trying to save for a Masters. They smell tremendously gorgeous, and thus so does everything else in the package, and one of them even has little rosebuds inside. She also made me a cupcake, which when I pulled it out, boyfriend noted “You’ve wanted to make one of them for ages”. Quite right: it’ll make a great pin cushion.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she also included a book of paper dolls, full of gorgeous outfits. I may frame the dolls, and change their outfits every now and then. PLUS, I was given a set of stitch markers with pink beads on them, and a vial of Black Alchemy Lab perfume in “Harlot” (how deliciously apt). I am well and truly spoilt and will be playing with all of these goodies for a long, long time.

Now that Christmas knitting is over, and I’ve failed to take pictures of the FOs (seriously, I was sewing in the ends of one scarf in bed without my glasses on before boyf took it to his aunt on Boxing Day), I’ve started a wide scarf/stole in a seafoam stitch (taken from my new Vogue stitchionary) to cover my arms in the library when the weather warms slightly. It’s in Handmaiden’s Lady Godiva, bought from Crafty Cottage, a lovely new(ish) shop in Warwick. Even the other half liked it and was enraptured with how the swift worked. Ha.


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That stole is going to be beautiful, can’t wait to see the FO!

Comment by kate

The stole looks lovely.

I just wish my rusty skills were up to that.

Comment by Sayuri_x

Wow! What a great swap- and a beautiful stole.

Comment by Cupcake

The Seafoam stitch is gorgeous! We’ve come across a few Vogue Crochet and Knitting books and there’s always something lovely in them. Oh, and thanks for stopping by and commenting on our blog. ( Yeah we love lab’s too)
cheers Tina

Comment by Tina

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