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17 January, 2008, 8:33 pm
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I’m sat in front of Pumping Iron II: The Women vainly trying to absorb some of this intensely dull staged documentary for my Irigaray seminar, whilst the boyfriend is sat in the audience of Question Time watching Jacqui Smith, Liam Fox et al shield whatever inane questions the producers have chosen from those submitted. By day, I’m writing on The Tin Drum, whilst Severn Trent provide an apt, persistent beat with the drilling that regularly cuts off our water supply. I’ve got a pile of Rochester, Tennyson, Barrett Browning and Levi to read, a dissertation proposal to write and a supervisor to hook, and to be honest I haven’t been knitting a lot.

I don’t know about other people, but snatching a few rows here and there just seems to add to the illusion that my projects are taking forever. And whilst I can knit whilst reading fiction or criticism, I can’t when I’m reading poetry or, obviously, writing. So I’m laying the sticks aside for the moment and making a resolution to myself: once reading week is upon me I will commit myself to finishing all WIPs before starting any new projects. First up, Ester, my albatross. I started her on my 21st Birthday and I must, must, must, have her finished before my 22nd. It’s a lovely pattern, but the long rows just kill me.So it’ll be dull around here, but bear with me.


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How can you knit and read at the same time? I think you must have superpowers. Can they be learned, or are you born with them? 🙂

I use audiobooks but they can be a little hit-and-miss at times.

Comment by Sayuri_x

Yes!!! How do you read and knit at the same time? I get the interminabilty of an item when you just do a few rows a day. It becomes such a yawn. You sound like a super knitter, but if I just do a couple a rows here and there I eventually have no idea where I’m up to with a pattern (hence I make a lot of scarves!). Knitting patterns and I are not friends!

Comment by Kris

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