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Ester – At Last!
18 May, 2008, 5:56 pm
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Despite starting Ester on my 21st Birthday, I didn’t manage to finish it for exactly 9 months – once I started on the longer rows, I floundered, knitting two, maybe four rows every other week. The longer it took me, the less I wanted to work on it, assuming that it hadn’t been prominent in my “must knit” pile for a reason. The pattern was extremely clear, the construction interesting, and the cables kept it from being dull. So I blame my lacklustre approach to completing it soley on the fact that I chose a rather boring colour, and the fact that the longer rows made me feel as if progress was extremely slow.

But it’s done! I really like fastening it at the neck, not that it would fasten across the bust anyway. It cam out a little smaller than anticipated, but I much prefer it this way; it makes it look a little less casual

And from the back. The whole project used up 4 balls of Rowan Pure Wool Aran. As a yarn, it wasn’t anything particularly special- it’s soft and has good stitch definition, but spouts a halo once it’s washed.

I seem to have fallen into a rut with colours lately: I’ve never considered Blue a favourite colour of mine, but all bar one of my current projects are blue. Time to bust out the rest of the colourwheel, I think.


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But that blue looks so exactly right on you! I ploughed through that pattern in a desperate fit of work-avoidance. Clearly, what was missing from your motivation was an academic deadline.

Comment by Webbo

Oooh that’s lurvely! You know what, I think that exact type and shade of yarn is the aran ball I bought to make my first swatches and test out stiches from Stitch ‘N Bitch. How randomly coincidental is that?

Comment by Grace

Last week I bought yarn for two projects, and only narrowly stopped myself from choosing grey for both by sternly telling myself how boring it would be for everyone in the whole world apart from me, then had palpitations until it arrived worrying that the green I had picked wouldn’t be grey enough. (It’s not). The only reason I am knitting with blue yarn now is that when I bought it on the internet I thought it was grey. Clearly tricking yourself out of the colour rut is the way forward…

Which brings me onto the Maya. I bought it years ago when Get Knitted first had it on sale. I think they must have bought all the discontinued stock when DB stopped making it. I then didn’t knit with it because a) it’s not grey and b) it’s not very soft. I then for some utterly incomprehensible reason bought some more in a pinky-red, and purple. I’ve used the purple to knit a felted hot water bottle cover (felted but still not sewn up) so I can tell you that it does make quite a nice felted fabric. Since I have so much of the stuff, and little idea of what on earth I’m going to do with it, I could send you a skein or two to play with before you commit to buying some yourself. I’m not sure how much my cardigan will need so will hang onto the blue, but you’re most welcome to red-pink or purple, if you’d like?

Comment by Philippa

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