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16 June, 2008, 2:31 pm
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At long last, end of year exams are over. I ended with a relatively nice exam on Literary/Cultural Theory and wrote on Irigaray and Raymond Williams, but it’s still very nice to know that I have no pressing deadlines until November. In the early stages of revision I did succeed in frenetically finishing some knitting, the first to be blocked was this:

A scarf in seafoam stitch started in January, and tossed aside for months. It’s knitted in Lady Godiva (I admit, I was enticed by the name, studying in Coventry) on 5.5mm needles, and took roughly 1.5 skeins. These pictures were taken in my hideously neglected garden, left un-weeded since revision fear took hold a month ago. It’s now literally carpeted with bastard strawberry plants.

If you look closely, you’ll see i was off by a stitch or so every few rows. Of course, nobody ever looks closely when I show them my knits, except me. I obsess over every minor mistake, and this is why I’m never really satisfied with anything I finish. This scarf is going to a dear friend for their birthday, since they’ve been begging me for it since they saw me drag it out of my handbag at a student conference. I don’t think she actually believed I’d give it to her (it looks more complex than it is), so hopefully it’ll be a surprise.

I knit it to my height, 68 inches, then realised afterwards, oops, it’s not for me: it should be 72 inches. Ah well, I’m sure she won’t miss the four inches too much.

I spent the entire revision period dreaming of all that I would knit on finishing these exams, and naturally, as soon as I do finish them, my wrist literally locks and causes me unbelievable agony every time I try to move it. Off to the doctor’s I went. Who knew you could get RSI from writing? It may be a while before my next finished object…


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That’s so lovely. It really shows off the yarn beautifully.

I’m so jealous that you’re done! I’ve got a little over a week, and then I too will be a knitting fiend again.

Comment by mick

Very pretty 🙂

Hope the wrist settles down soon.

Comment by JulieS

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