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Hot and Cold
19 June, 2008, 12:13 pm
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I’m sure I’m not the only one who remains cold in the summer:despite the moderate heat, I’m still wrapping up, and dreaming of knit socks to warm my icy feet. I’m never sure why, when I pass several men who’ve given up clothing their torso altogether on the five minute walk to the bus stop. With this in mind, I started looking at hot water bottle covers for a good friend of mine, who rents a room in a gorgeous Victorian house which, whilst beautiful, has high ceilings and single glazing which leads to chilly winters, and indeed, summers. So I whipped up a hot water bottle cover for her:

Pattern: Trebuchet Hot Water Bottle Cozy by Trampled by Geese

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 2 Balls.

Needles: 4.5mm

Mods: I made the neck shorter, and changed the increases to YOs in order to make eyelets to thread the ribbon through. Got bored of following a pattern about one quarter of the way throught the cable pattern, so just made it up as I went along after a cursory glance at Eunny’s Bayerische sock pattern. Made a flap at the bottom, with a seed stitch border, and sewed on some twill tape and poppers like so:

This was speedy and satisfying to knit: the cables broke up the stockinette, and vice versa. If I knit it again, I’d throw in a few decreases on the flap at the bottom: the seed stitch made it a little wider than the main body, and I think a decrease or two would have tidied it up a little.

See what I mean? The Cashmerino has hardly pilled at all: there was a tiny bit of fluff around the top of the neck, but considering this was mainly a bus knit, so was constantly being dragged out of and shoved into my bag, that’s unsurprising. I’d heard all the horror stories about the yarn, and was surprised at how well it stood up. I have enough to make a jumper, so might swatch and see how that holds up for a few weeks first. I finished this before my exams properly began, and it’s just been sitting around waiting for sewing and finishing. Shameful.

Thanks for the comments on the wrist – it’s much betterm, though I occasionally feel a twinge when I’ve been knitting or typing for too long: a handy reminder not to overdo it!


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I love your pretty hottie cover. We don’t use them (hotties) much in the US, or at least I never got familiar with them, but my Irish friend totally turned me on to them. Cashmerino must make it so luxurious!

Comment by lekkercraft

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