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3 July, 2008, 7:42 pm
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I came across this in Wilkinson the other day:

Yes, it’s a cat harness and lead. I snapped it on my camera phone, but everyone I showed it to refused to believe I didn’t find it in a joke shop. Any thoughts on why this would ever be a)neccessary or b) practical?

Yes, I know. I once brought knitting, and now bring cat harnesses. Be patient.


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When I was in Poland, I saw no fewer than three people with cats in harnesses, trying to “walk” them on the street. Inevitably, the cat was lying flat on the ground, hissing and growling in protest. Some animals are just not meant to be walked.

Comment by mick

A friend of mine adopted an indoor cat who is completely clueless about the outside world. He bought a harness to introduce her to the outside world (which terrified her at that point) while also being to stop her running off, limit her range, provide reassurance and so on.

These days she’s still an indoor cat but she does pop outside for supervised sniffing of things most days… No harness required. 🙂

So, while I’d say no to walking cats I can see why you might want one.

Comment by Jules

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