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5 August, 2008, 6:50 pm
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I have a love hate relationship with Topshop: I love the fact that their sizes are one of the few on the high street that properly fit me, I love the abundance of flat shoes in a size 8 that always end up in the sale. I hate their badly made basics, some of their more ridiculous ranges and the fact that they never seem to make anything exciting, knitwear-wise. But I think they may have redeemed themselves slightly on the last point, with this:

It’s ridiculous and I love it. I’m a big fan of obnoxious colourwork, and this has the advantage of looking vaguely tame from a distance. My first thought was “My God, I want it. Could I make it?” And this seemed reasonable enough. Naturally, it would take months on end if I ever did finish it, but I could better the fibre content (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) and recalculate the sleeve-body join, so I didn’t end up with four one-eyed skulls and a wonky bomb or two. But it seemed a reasonable enough endeavour. Until I thought about how soul-destroying those months of calculation, knitting and frogging would be. About how, by the time I finished, if I ever did, I’d either be completely sick of it, or forced to accept that my perpetually flaky fashion tastes had changed, and that I’d no longer be comfortable wearing it. So I begrudgingly admitted to myself that this was one of those items that would be more sensible to buy, rather than make. And I can gasp in horror in twenty years time, when I look back at pictures of me modelling it, and scream “what was I THINKING!?” Which I think is always a good sign.

Instead, I’ll knit Ysolda’s gorgeous Little Birds. I love the double breasted waistband, but am tempted to alternate colours of birds. Because in my book, garish is good.


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Oh man, I LOVE this. We should do a knit-along!

You could always take some of the motifs and do a fair-isle yoked sweater/cardi.

Oooooh, the possibilities.

Comment by mick

I am all sorts of in love with Little Birds. It’s gorgeous, and named after a piece of erotic fiction too!

Second the Topshop love-hate. Their “Brands At” ranges are lovely, and their petite jeans are just right for my tiny legs. But can I seriously do much shopping at a place with a “Playsuits” section? PLAYSUITS?

Comment by SRW

We don’t have a Topshop in New York yet, but I think they are building one right now. I’m curious to see it. As for the sweater, I think the Little Birds is a great substitution! What colors do you want to use?

Comment by lekkercraft

We don’t have a Topshop in Canada so I don’t know what type of things they sell, but that sweater is pretty funky. I love the skulls!

Comment by Raina

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