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Messy Tuesday
12 August, 2008, 8:30 pm
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I’ve been really buoyed by this aspect of blogging for a while, since I find incessant shows of how pretty one’s home is cloying, and the fact that if I spent more time making my “presentable” I’d have little time for crafting, and no time for blogging. So here’s my inaugural post:

Living Room Bookcase

Living Room Bookcase

After working a 70 hour week and finding myself with four days off, I decided I should spend my time spending hours wondering what to have for tea, binge-watching 30 Rock, knitting and reading. This bookcase is a magnet for all things commonly used, important and that I shouldn’t put on the floor, but can’t be arsed to put away. Wool, novels, receipts and bank statements, all squirrelled away between seldomly consulted telephone directories and yoga manuals. Somehow, an eyeshadow, a tie, a Four Tet cd and a pile of daily multivitamins I’ve remembered about twice this year, have also wormed their way into this haphazard excuse for an organisational piece of furniture.



Part of the reason this particular bookcase, rather than the seven others, has attracted so much flotsam is due to its location. It’s on the way to the door, so every day the boyfriend empties and fills his pockets before realising he’ll miss the train unless he runs, and it’s next to “My Chair”, in which I collapse every day after either work, or the library, and pretty much refuse to move unless I run out of wool or coffee.

You can just see the February Lady Sweater sneaking into that last picture: I’m just about halfway through the second arm, and it’s dragging now since I have the patience of a goldfish. My mind’s wandering to future knits, dreaming up the perfect yarn for these knits, and then since I have a bit of spare cash because I’m working stupid hours currently, buying it and cursing the fact that my stash is growing. Since I’m pissed off that I’ve completely filled a suitcase, I’ve a plan. A contest! I love contests on other people’s blogs, then feel either shy, or embarrassed by them and never enter. So stuff it, I’ll have my own instead. To enter, just peruse my embarrassing bookshelf and guess as many titles as you can. I’ll pick three winners, and give them a choice of some yarn in my stash that I haven’t earmarked, so you can enhance your stash, whilst assuaging my guilt. Either leave your guess in the comments, or chuck me an email at msdawnfoster(at) Here’s the link to my Flickr, where you can view the photos at a far larger scale: Ready, set, go!


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Ooooooh, this is fun! My own bookshelves look just as packed, so don’t worry.

Okay, in no particular order:
Maus (Love it! When I teach it, my students love it too).
Sew U, Happy Hooker Crochet, a giant Thesaurus, a Prague guidebook, Vegan with a Vengeance, The Whole Woman, The Secret History, The New Feminism, The Iliad, Stitch and Bitch and Stitch and Bitch Nation, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and a Vogue Stitchionary.

I want to do better, but my eyesight is terrible!

Comment by mick

Wow, I commend you on cleaning on your off days. You are a much better woman than I. I am ashamed to say that I don’t clean my house; I pay someone to do it because I have so little free time and I love using my free time to knit, photograph, cook, run, and bike. That being said, you will rarely see house photos on my blog…the only way that would ever happen is to take a picture the minute our cleaning lady leaves the house – before we have a chance to sit down and mess everything up. Tee hee!

Comment by raina

I got the ones Mick spotted… well, some of them. Oh alright, about three of them. Can I claim points for the LRBs as well please?

Comment by SRW

hrm. I’ve got a messy room. The bookshelves are organized, but there’s a pile of wool on the floor that I try to reconcile, but within a few days, it’s returned. oh well.

Let’s see:
The Complete Maus, Stitch n Bitch, Stitch n Bitch: Nation, Stitch n Bitch: Happy Hooker, Yellow Pages, Sew U, Knitting Nature, Knitting in Vogue, Yoga Mind & Body, New Cookery Year, Vegan with a Vengeance, Education, Globalization, & Social Change, Stitchionary, Dracula, Under the Net, Introduction to the Study of Education, Vintage Style, THESAURUS, 101 One-Pot Dishes, Introducing Shakespeare, Prague guidebook, Adorno, King James version of the Bible, Three Restoration Comedies… shall I keep going?

haha.. I don’t think I need any yarn though.

Comment by katharine

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