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Festively Hued.
16 December, 2008, 6:48 pm
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I love winter – nothing makes me happier than buttoning up my winter coat, digging out my gloves and matching hats to outfits. Cardigans, frocks and hats pretty much form my “uniform” and winter is my seasonal enabler. One thing I will never get used to, however, is the lack of sunlight. Most days here are grey, grey, grey and I’ve found myself tetchy and lacklustre now that I start writing/reading before sunrise and continue until well after sunset.

I am very thankful for fairy lights and a ridiculous USB lava lamp I found in Poundland. I am also thankful for Ysolda’s lovely patterns, which have distracted me from two secret and stockinette heavy jumpers I have been knitting. Namely, Gretel:

And the “Last Minute Stockings”, a project which has helped spending bugger all on Christmas a little jollier – the manfriend and I are filling a stocking each with little bits and bobs. His is well underway, but I’ve yet to start mine.

I’ve got some time though, since I’m working from 22nd-29th, which means “Christmas” will happen at New Year. I’m too keen on getting money to care about working until midnight every day, since I received a letter today. Now if only Gordon Brown would stop lowering interest rates, I might actually get more than a few pennies interest. Pfft.


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Oooo, your Gretel looks lovely in that color! Makes me want a wine-colored one now..

Don’t you just love her & her patterns? I’m currently working on my own stocking and I just downloaded Coraline today..

Comment by Katharine

Lovely Gretel, and well done on the offer of the uni place. When do you start?

Comment by Lin

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